LAN Accessories

Keystone Jacks

Elite keystone module is a standardized snap—in package for mounting a variety of low—voltage electrical jacks or optical connectors into a keystone wall plate face plate, surface-mount box, or a patch panel. 8 position 8 conductor.


Cat 7A/ Cat 8 Shielded KeyStone Jacks
Part Number Description
KJ-C8-CAT8 Cat8 Keystone Jack 180 Degrees, Auto Cover, Shielded
Cat 6/ Cat 6A UTP KeyStone Jacks
Part Number Description
KJ-E8-C6AB-XX Cat6 Keystone Jack 90°
KJ-C8-C6AB-XX Cat6 Keystone Jack 180°
KJ-E8-AC6AB-XX Cat6A Keystone Jack 90°
KJ-C8-AC6AB-XX Cat6A Keystone Jack 180°
Colors Available: blue, black, ivory, green, gray, orange, red, white, yellow

Elite Shielded Keystone Jack provides excellent performance that meets or exceeds the industry standard TIA/EIA 568-B.


Cat 5E/ Cat 6/Cat 6A Shielded Keystone Jack
Part Number Description
KJ-C8S-C5AB Cat 5E Keystone Jack 8P8C 90° T568A/B
KJ-C8S-C6AB Cat 6 Keystone Jack 8P8C 180° T568A/B
KJ-E8S-C6AB Cat 6 Keystone Jack 8P8C 90° T568A/B
KJ-C8S-C6AAB Cat6A Keystone Jack 8P8C 180° T568A/B
KJ-E85-C6AAB Cat6A Keystone Jack 8P8C 90° T568A/B

Elite Category 5E modular connector, RJ-45 keystone jack, is 8-position 8-conductor (8P8C) is engineered to provide superior performance and reliability, supporting up to Gigabit Ethernet applications. The advanced design provides optimum signal quality with up to 10dB headroom providing maximum bandwidth for today’s application. Designed to be extremely easy to terminate, simplifies installation, while improving overall installation time.


Cat 5E UTP Keystone Jacks
Part Number Description
KJ-E8-C5EAB Cat 5E Keystone Jack 8P8C 90° T568A/B
KJ-C8-C5EAB Cat 5E Keystone Jack 8P8C 180° T568A/B
Colors available: green, gray, orange, red, yellow, black, blue, white, ivory

Modular Plugs

Elite RJ 45 modular plugs for field terminations of cables 22-28 AWG stranded or solid wires. All plugs are 50 micron gold-plated contacts. Cat 5E plugs are staggered to eliminate the “NEXT” and achieve better performance. Cat 6 plugs include a load bar to minimize the untwist of each pair and maximize the performance.


RJ45 Modular Plugs
Part Number Description
RJ45-8C5E CAT 5E 8P8C Unshielded Plug for Stranded Cable
RJ45-8C5SL CAT5E 8P8C 3 Prong for Solid Wire
RJ45-CAT6LB CAT6 8P8C Plug w/ Loading Bar 24-26AWG
RJ45-CAT6LB-NG CAT6 8P8C Unshielded, No guide
RJ45-8C6A-FTP CAT6 Solid / CAT6A Stranded 8P8C FTP
RJ45-C6-28ST CAT6 UTP 8P8C 28AWG w/ Strain Relief Boot
RJ45-8C6DU-NG CAT6 EZ RJ45 Solid or Stranded wire
RJ45-CAT8 CAT7A & CAT8 Shielded 8P8C
CAT8-FT-PL CAT7A & CAT8 RJ45 Feld Termination Plug

Surface Mount Boxes

Elite simplex and Duplex surface mount boxes come either unloaded or loaded with RJ-45 Keystone Jacks are compact and easy to install. Works with T568A/T568B wiring.


Surface Mount Boxes
Part Number Description
SMB-8-C5EAB-U Unloaded Single Cat5E Box
SMB-8-C5EAB Loaded Single Cat5E Box
SMB-8-2C5EAB- Unloaded Duplex CatE5 Box
SMB-8-2C5EAB Loaded Duplex Cat5E Box


Elite Cat5E/Cat6 Coupler consists of 2 modular jacks which allow for extension of cable runs. Available in shielded or unshielded styles.


Part Number Description
C5-RJ45 Cat5E Keystone Coupler – Unshielded
C5S-RJ45 Cat5E RJ45 coupler – Shielded
C5-110-110 Cat5E 110 Type Inline-Coupler
C5-BOX Premise Wiring Coupler Box – Unshielded
C5S-BOX Premise Wiring Coupler Box – Shielded
C6-RJ45 Cat 6UTP  Inline coupler
C6A-RJ45 Cat 6A UTP Inline Coupler
C6AS-RJ45 Cat 6A STP Inline Coupler

Wall Plates- Strain Relief Boots

Elite work area wall plates in various cutouts can be used with both Category 6 and Category 5E keystone jacks.


Wall Plates
Part Number Description
WP-0 White Blank Cover
WP-0-IV Ivory Blank Cover
WP-I White Wall Plate w/ 1 Cut Out
WP-I-IV Ivory Wall Plate w/ 1 Cut Out
WP-2 White Wall Plate w/ 2 Cut Out
WP-2-lV Ivory Wall Plate w/ 2 Cut Out
WP-3 White Wall Plate w/ 3 Cut Out
WP-3-lV Ivory Wall Plate w/ 3 Cut Out
WP-4 White Wall Plate w/ 4 Cut Out
WP-4-lV Ivory Wall Plate w/ 4 Cut Out
WP-6 White Wall Plate w/ 6 Cut Out
WP-6-lV Ivory Wall Plate w/ 6 Cut Out
KM-BNC BNC F/F Bulkhead – White
KM-F F Bulkhead – White
KM-F-IV F Bulkhead – Ivory

Elite Strain Relief or “boots” are designed to protect the modular plug tap from damage and give strength to the termi- nation between cable and plug. PVC strain reliefs are used before termination of modular plugs. Colored strain relief also helps in identification of cords. Recessed area for labels or marking. Standard bag: 100 pieces.


Strain Relief Boots
Part Number Description
BT-8-XX Rubber Strain Relief Boot, 100/bag , O.D. 5.0mm
SR-C601 Cat6 Clear Colored Strain Relief Boot, 100/bag, O.D. 6.5mm
X = Color Blue, White, Grey, Black, Green, Yellow, Red, Orange, Red, Pink, Purple. Cat6A Boots are Clear Colored Only.

Patch Panels

Elite Patch Panels provide optimal performance, even when interfacing with multi-vendor’s equipment. Each panel features an industry-started 110 termination block, which has been engineered to meet or exceed the TIA/EIA-568-B CAT6 hardware connection specification. Each panel features clear numbering on both front and back, allowing for quick and easy cable identification.


Cat6/cat5E Patch Panels
Part Number Description
PP-248-C6A Cat6A 24 Port Patch 19″ Rack Mount
PP-248S-C6A Cat6A 24 Port STP 19″ Rack Patch Panel
PP-D128-C6 Cat6 Patch Panel, 12 Port Wall Mount, 1U
PP-128-C6 Cat6 Patch Panel, 12 Port 19″ Rack Mount, 1U
PP-248-C6 Cat6 Patch Panel, 24 Port 19″ Rack Mount, 1U
PP-488-C6 Cat6 Patch Panel, 48 Port 19″ Rack Mount, 2U
PP-D128-C5E Cat5E Patch Panel, 12 Port Wall Mount w/Holder
PP-128-C5E Cat5E Patch Panel, 12 Port 19″ Rack Mount, 1U
PP-248-C5E Cat5E Patch Panel, 24 Port, 19″ Rack Mount, 1U
PP-488-C5E Cat5E Patch Panel, 48 Port 19″ Rack Mount, 2U